Russell Clay
RID Russell Clay
Biographical information
Home Earth
Aliases Unknown
Nickname Rusty
Occupation Unknown
Afiliation Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Mentor Unknown
Pupil Unknown
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Alt Mode Unknown
Out of universe information
Voice Stuart Allan
Debut "Pilot (Part 1)"
Russell Clay lives in a junk yard owned by his father Denny, outside Crown City.


  • While his mother was in Copenhagen, Russell unenthusiastically arrived at Denny's scrapyard to stay. After he and hid dad heard an explosion, Russell investigated what they'd thought might be a meteorite, and instead ran into Sideswipe and Underbite. After he witnessed a battle between Underbite and Bumblebee's team, Russell realized the Decepticon was heading for his dad's scrapyard.
  • After Russell alerted his dad to the danger, Underbite became distracted by the sight of Crown City and started heading there. The Autobots and Denny set off in pursuit, leaving Sideswipe to look after Russell, however Russell had an idea and helped Sideswipe lure Underbite to a quarry, where the Decepticon was defeated.
  • Russell came up with a plan to disguise Sideswipe as a Decepticon, allowing them to rescue Strongarm from Steeljaw after she was kidnapped.



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