Biographical information
Home Cybertron (formerly)

Earth (current)

Aliases Unknown
Nickname Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Afiliation Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Mentor Unknown
Pupil Unknown
Physical description
Species Cybetronian, Mini-Con
Gender male
Hair Unknown
Eyes blue
Alt Mode D776a8410c74a4a65ac1d2a429e131303df409b5
Out of universe information
Voice "Mitchell Whitfield"
Debut Pilot (Part 1)
Fixit is described as a hyperactive Mini-Con. He is an Autobot and a member of the Bee Team.


Fixit was the care-taker Mini-Con for the crashed maximum-security prison ship, the Alchemor. The containment pods aboard, housing a few hundred of Cybertron's most wanted Decepticons, were disengaged and those inhabitants are assumed to be at large.


One-Step ChangerEdit

Legion ClassEdit

Warrior ClassEdit